Welcome to the Afterparty

“Welcome to the Afterparty” was the theme for Arc’s third Science Fiction Competition. Authors were encouraged to read Arc 1.3 to gain inspiration for their own writing.

These short stories explore the future of pleasure. What new games will we play? How will we indulge ourselves, and at what cost? What new joys will the future hold?

Arc’s editors selected one story for publication in the next issue of Arc Magazine. That author received a £500 prize, while the five runners up were awarded £200.


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Congratulations to the Prize Winners!

Romie Stott

A Robot Walks into a Bar and Says

A bouncer meets a clientele who exposes her to a new line of work. However, easy money comes with a price she might not be ready to pay.

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Jonathan Page

Child’s Play

A man makes his ten year contract on another planet bearable by making weekly meetings with a son he has never met. Seven years down, three more to go.

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Deborah Walker

Drink Deep and Long the Circean Poison

What if we lived in a world where someone monitored and controlled our sense of pleasure? Reginald lives in such a reality and discovers how someone without this control manages his own sense of happiness.

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Conor Powers-Smith

Give and Take

As his friends undergo an experimental treatment for happiness, Greg finds difficulty accepting their new personas. In the same vein, his friends also find adapting to daily life much harder than they anticipated.

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Peter Dennis

The Delights of Gardenearth

Two siblings strive to bring childhood nostalgia through making a virtual reality game. Over time their artificial reality and personal experience becomes increasingly transparent.

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Polenth Blake

Through the Hoops

Retro teaches her resistant sister how to follow in the family footsteps and become a “tracer.” Unexpectedly, her little sister gets into her new sport and puts her own twist on the challenge.

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