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The Future Powered by Fiction

Hundreds of thought-provoking submissions were sent in to The Future Powered by Fiction competition – so many in fact, an additional 33 excellent entries were selected for publication on this site! “Living Tomorrow” is the second of those follow-up anthologies and is now available!

Our science fiction visions of the future often obsess over the mechanical and the digital – from rockets and space stations to holodecks and cyberspace. In this volume, eleven young authors use science fiction storytelling to explore a diverse range of possible futures shaped by biological and environmental challenges and solutions.

These stories, paired with interviews and essays from top thinkers in fields ranging from science fiction and futurism to archaeology, physics, and the history of science and technology, inspire us to contemplate and cultivate the fetching futures we want, while motivating us to take steps to prevent nightmarish alternatives.

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Miniatures DayMiniatures Day

Paige Dempsey

Minnesota, USA

It’s finally Miniatures Day, and Dr. Moore has his class entranced with descriptions of his boyhood in the sanctuary, where he grew up with an extremely rare best friend: a dog. In this world, animals are scarce. Most people have never touched, or even seen, a living mammal—and Dr. Moore’s mysterious black box is most irresistible to his one pupil who harbors a dark secret.

Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision

Ava Trimble

Arizona, USA

Carter Stone wants immortality. All of society is buzzing over Dr. Carlos Vale’s new miracle drink that stops death. Carter can’t imagine living his mundane life, working at the coffee shop, for thousands of years. But death sounds even worse. So Carter and his roommate order their first two vials and toast to their new lives. All choices have consequences, and some of the bad ones can last forever.

The RaceThe Race

Saatvik Mohan

Tennessee, USA

The Americans and the Chinese have partnered to find the cure for impending environmental doom: perfect solar energy. Chris and Li have been holed up in a lab, desperately seeking the solution; each with orders from their government to betray the other if and when the time comes. Their friendship will be tested, but some things are more important than any single person or nation.

The Fountain of YouthThe Fountain of Youth

Joshua Ferris

New York, USA

Isaac Heller, the first man to receive the Fountain of Youth treatment from the Dadaelus Corporation, is discovering that life isn’t fair—especially when your life is five times that of the average man. Isaac’s store-bought longevity has cost him his wife and friends, and has him questioning everything about the modern world, where the rich get richer and live longer, while the poor stay poor and die young.

Programmed to DieProgrammed to Die

Tristan Neal

Arizona, USA

In the year 2047 the Geron Corporation released the drug Telomeron to the masses, and immortality became the norm. Now, ninety years later, an ambitious Geron employee named Bennett meets a strange old man who seems to know a lot about the early years of Geron’s research into Telomeron. Some of the paragraphs in Bennett’s favorite corporate e-book have been redacted. When the strange old man lends Bennett an older hardcover edition, the true cost of immortality is revealed. 

Piece by PiecePiece by Piece

Deborah Park

Illinois, USA

It’s not easy being poor and indebted to the Syndicate. All you can offer them are your organs—which they’ll gladly take for their wealthy clients. The Syndicate will keep you alive with slop-shod mechanical hearts and lungs. The mechanical organs don’t work as well as the real ones, but they’ll keep you well enough to come back to donate again and again… until there’s nothing left of you.


Molly Steen

Oklahoma, USA

Genetic modification has created the symbiotic races of The Greats and The Givers. Greats can regenerate and recover from anything—as long as their Giver is near. Joanne has been wounded in battle. She’s lost in the woods with her fellow soldier, Sam. He’s doing the best he can to take care of her, but without the blood of her Giver, Natasha, she will surely die.

90 Stories High90 Stories High

Jessie Zhao

California, USA

Stay in the country, or move to the big city? That’s what farmers Jake and Marissa must decide. New York is tempting, due to the new ninety stories high Monument Foods building: a huge tower that promises to feed most of the city. At first Jake is happy to earn a steady paycheck and leave his rural life behind, but soon he misses the intangible charm of life on a real farm.

The Gene DilemmaThe Gene Dilemma

Paul Kim

New Jersey, USA

Science can now tell parents every detail of their child’s future talents and proclivities. Conor was meant to play tennis, and he plays it well. His friend Peter, however, has ignored the code in his DNA that says he should be playing soccer, opting to play tennis as well. A simple tennis match becomes the stage for a philosophical conversation on identity and the nature of self-awareness.

The da Vinci ProjectThe da Vinci Project

Shannon Babb

Utah, USA

Innovation has stagnated ever since we fully mapped the human brain. There are no more defects, and any that do arise are quickly stomped out in youth. A brave student plays the game, pretending to be perfect like everyone else, but secretly reveling in her flaws. Her detailed research into daVinci and Edison’s notebooks give her the answers to how and why we lost our creative ways.

The Cursed NootropicThe Cursed Nootropic

Thomas Stancyk

Connecticut, USA

Ben has been the best car salesman at ElectroMobile for years, but he’s been in a slump the last few weeks. Poor performance on the job will cost you in this world. Businesses have partnered with the Big Pharma company Ralretrox, supplying their workforce with the world’s greatest pill. Now Ben’s supply will be withheld for a week, and the world is a whole lot uglier sober.


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