Journeys Through Time and Space

Journeys Through Time and Space

Hundreds of thought-provoking submissions were sent in to The Future Powered by Fiction competition – so many in fact, an additional 33 excellent entries were selected for publication on this site! “Journeys through Time & Space” is the third and final of those follow-up anthologies.

Humanity defines itself by its journeys. Whether we’re crossing oceans, blasting off into space, migrating to distant unknown lands, or pursuing voyages of discovery within our own minds, we learn about who we are and who we want to become by traversing time, space, and the imagination. In this volume, eleven young authors use science fiction storytelling to explore human futures shaped by excursions through space and time, and into the labyrinthine caverns of the human mind.

These stories, paired with an essay from renowned planetary scientist and NewSpace pioneer Jim Bell about the thrilling near future of human activity and exploration in space, challenge us to think big and seek the futures we want, even if our journeys take us beyond the bounds of the possible.

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Congratulations to the Authors!


Kellie Takahashi

Oregon, USA

Cara Delamere has been on paid leave from Sky Mariners Corporation, but she wants to return to mindwalking. She takes a flight to the Callisto Station and goes through a reinstatement exam. When she fails, she begins to wonder if there’s really something wrong with her, or if the Corporation is trying to keep her away from Europa, where two of her colleagues died in a mysterious accident.

Empty SpaceEmpty Space

Jenna Muiderman

North Dakota, USA

Virtual reality is not enough to mask what really goes on inside The Endeavor, a spaceship sent on a one-way mission to the furthest side of the universe. Science carefully planned the mission generations ago. Each female pilot gives birth to another female, who then takes over the mission when the time is right. But the current pilot of Endeavor has violated protocol, tripping a switch that allowed her to give birth to a son—effectively ending the mission.

The Beginning in the EndThe Beginning in the End

Sergio Parra

Georgia, USA

There are only 1,984 humans left, and they all reside on the International Lunar Colony. Nuclear war has decimated the population of Earth. The lunar telescopes show only a dreary haze over our once blue planet, and radio transmissions confirm that Earth and all its people are dying. Mike is one of the lucky Lunar Colony survivors. He misses his family, but there are more pressing matters to worry about—like feeding the survivors on the Moon.

The Dream of Forty CenturiesThe Dream of Forty Centuries

Andrew Abbott

Indiana, USA

A shipwrecked man on a deserted island tells the story of how he got there. It all started at the Lunar Inn and Suites, an amazing hotel that once orbited the moon and housed privileged guests. But in the rush to get the hotel built, a cheap and untested fuel was used to power engine 2. The vapors of that dangerous fuel kick off a chain reaction of disease and destruction.


Kwan Wei and Kevin Tan


Space explorer Rick Columbus is on a mission to find Class-A planets suitable for terraforming. Back at home, his wife and young son await his return. But when he gets too close to a black hole near an interesting planet, Columbus discovers that time flows at different rates depending on where you are in the universe.


Skyler Hughes

New Mexico, USA

Imagine traveling for two hundred years and only aging four. That’s what happens to our sixteen year old narrator, who wakes up on the OCULUS ship headed for the planet Hope. But he may be the only surviving crew member out of hundreds. Time has turned his map to dust, and he can’t find his father’s sleep pod. With sore legs and crutches, he sets off to see who else, if anyone, is still alive.

Internal DriveInternal Drive

Heidi Benefiel

Arizona, USA

The year is 2072. Earth is nearly ruined, and a new floating city has been built far away in space. One scientist, fond of poetry and flowers, is tasked with picking five plant species to bring to the new, sterile world. But as she makes her choices, she is stricken with a terrible sadness at the prospect of abandoning the only home she knows and loves.

The Beauty of Being ConnectedThe Beauty of Being Connected

Jessica Kennedy

Georgia, USA

A woman in chains tries to comprehend her captivity. She’s seemingly been dropped straight into a lonely, monotonous nightmare, and there are few clues to the true nature of her condition. As she dreams of escape, a Doctor on the other side of her nightmare ponders her condition and reasons that it’s really not so bad. After all, people like her are a threat to the Hive. They must be quarantined for the greater good.

Desolation WildernessDesolation Wilderness

R.A. Bennett

Nevada, USA

Omar has just taken a shuttle to a desolate planet. In this future world, with space at a premium, criminals are shipped to an unknown and hostile location. But unlike the rag-tag group he meets when he gets off the bus, Omar seems to know where he is, and he’s going to use all of his resources to turn his dry desert prison into a lush, food-producing world.

Packets in the TubePackets in the Tube

Siddanta Bastola

Kathmandu, Nepal

In the year 2063, the concept of the internet has been applied to the physical world. High-speed metal tubes now connect the entire earth. Cars are almost obsolete. Roads and infrastructure are crumbling. Tube commute times across the globe are a matter of minutes, allowing people to live in the most remote parts of the world, yet still work in any major city.


Abrianna Reddy

New York, USA

It’s hard enough to keep track of everywhere, let alone everywhen. The discovery of time travel brings with it a host of problems, despite the general excitement whenever a new wormhole is opened to the public. The narrator meets a strange visitor at such an opening ceremony. Rather than turn her over to the authorities, who carefully monitor each end of the wormholes, she decides to help her and even tell her secrets about the past.


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