Tips in Starting an Amazon FBA Business for Additional Income

Who doesn’t like to have more money? This is really something that a lot of people find ways to do, yet usually struggle in doing so. If you are looking for a convenient option, where much of the hard work is already done for you, then one of the things you can consider is Amazon FBA Business. Before going through the complicated matters like how to appeal amazon reviewer account suspension, here are some things that you may want to consider.

How much you can earn

It is estimated that you can earn as much as $3,000, to even $40,000, which is an amount you can get in as quick as 30 days upon opening. Some of them has reached $50,000 in just a span of 8 months, which goes to show that starting an Amazon FBA business can really mean that you can rake in so much cash. If you utilize the business model, and if you leverage the power of Amazon, then you are able to earn a lot, even as much as 6 figures.

Basic Steps in Starting

Now that you know how much you can possibly earn, here are some of the things you need to do. Firstly, you have to set up your amazon seller account, and distinguish on wheter you wish to sell as an individual, or as a professional seller. The former is free, but has a lot of limitations. The latter, on the other hand, will charge you $39.99 a month after your first month. The next thing you have to consider is your niche. One major aspect or trait that every business should have is its focus. Make it a point to offer a wide array of products, but make sure that a common ground with these products are met as well.

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Sticker Printing

Product labeling is an essential part of your branding, it is where your consumers can learn the benefits and ingredients of the products. It is important that you’re giving full honestly with the information printed out on your products labels since it is visibly displayed; it has to be clear and detailed. Product labeling is also a marketing strategy that will to attract buyers but we don’t want to overdo it so we still need to know the do’s and don’ts of sticker printing.


  1. Following labeling laws. Just like following traffic rules, product labeling has its own as well for example if the type of business you have is more of food products and beverages then you have to follow the FDA guidelines; our buyers are particular when it comes to the health benefits that they can get from food and beverages if you’re not able to supply them with the nutrition list then what’s the point of selling it. For clothing purposes, if you have to follow the FTC guidelines.
  2. Create a unique and customized look. Like I said earlier product labeling is part of the marketing technique and for you to catch the eyes of your customers you need to think creatively on customizing your labels. Choose a design that would fit perfectly as you as the owner and the products; the font, colors and the graphics.


  1. Don’t go overboard. I still believe the power of simplicity with elegance. There’s nothing wrong with going minimal than overdoing it, it can be too overwhelming for the customers to witness.
  2. 2. Don’t store your labels anywhere. As per advised by the label printing services; It is like beverages you just don’t store it anywhere but instead new labeled should be kept cool dry place. The effect of not storing it properly will end up diminishing the quality of the labels.


One of the most important things to pay attention to the beer industry is the packaging. Without any problem, it is able to offer the customers an idea about the content that is kept in that bottle. In this article, we are going to provide you an idea about the importance as well as the usefulness of the attractive custom beer labels. You need to understand that other than just the design and art on the label, the packaging also has its own importance.

The glass packing

One of the major packagings of the beer is in the glass bottles. We can easily buy these bottles from our nearest wine store without having to face any kind of issue. These bottles can have some attractive custom beer labels added on it. This without any doubt is like a canvas open for the designs of any kind. The glass packaging of the beer bottles are recyclable and also are meant to preserve the beer without any sort of issue. A huge number of beer drinkers happen to choose the glass beer bottles over the cans. The glass bottles also make sure that the beer is cooled easily.

The aluminum packaging

A huge number of new brewers are using aluminum cans nowadays over the glass bottles. These cans are extremely light in weight and can also be recycled to reuse. These are easier to transport. Just like the attractive custom beer labels on the glass bottles, the cans also happen to offer greater opportunities for creating some designs and adding up some of the innovative features as well. The aluminum packaging also offers the protection for beer against many factors, including pollution, oxygen as well as heat. You can use any of the packagings according to your choice.