A Complete Detailed Review Of Lassy Legs Product!

I hate shaving my legs and am terribly clumsy. Because of this, when I saw “Lassy Legs” at the local Dollar Tree, I snatched it up and went home to test it out.

I was pleased to see that the set came with additional sheets for both the leg handle and the “personal” handle. I figured it the product worked well, there would be plenty of sheets for additional usage. First thing I noticed when trying to use the product was the fact that the leg handle, which allows you to set the buffing pad on one side and slide your hand into the other side, was small, really small. I wear children’s size gloves and was only able to fit three fingers into the handle. For those with normal to large hands, I can see this being an issue, right off the bat.

I began rubbing the buffing pad in circles on my leg. Rub, rub, rub. I was still fuzzy. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the leg hair was all askew and looked lighter. Rub, rub, rub. I kept going. After a while I felt like Danielson waxing Mr. Miyagi’s car. Eventually, the hair was being buffed off and my leg felt smooth. I made the mistake of going back and forth with the buffing pad and thought my leg would go on fire, so desisted it that motion, and went back to circles of rubbing.

I wound up doing both legs and initially was feeling satisfied. About twenty minutes after I finished my legs began to sting. Running my hands over them, they no longer felt entirely smooth. They felt like your legs do a few days after you shave. Hmm.

I started to feel uncomfortable. Hitting the shower, before going to bed, I thought the water would help the sting. Little did I know. The heat and steam from the water made the sting go from an annoyance to full out discomfort and pain.

Shower complete, I laid down in bed to take a look at my legs. They were red and irritated and that’s why its considered to buy haartrimmer test product to keep your skin safe. They were splotchy in some areas and raw looking. After I was totally dry, my legs looked powdery and pale. I made a point to baby lotion them to help re-hydrate the skin.

The following day, while sitting with files at my desk, I noticed the skin on my knees hurt. I had concentrated on the knees a bit to get all the little crevices. A few days after using Lassy Legs, I noticed my skin felt very rough. Looking closer I realized that the skin literally lightly scabbed from being buffed.

My opinion, it was worth the buck I spent for it, but if you actually paid full price off the commercial, you may not be too pleased. Unlike the commercial where the women buff in a circle two or three times and it’s done, this did take time and some work. I wasn’t thrilled with the results as I was left looking splotchy for days. If I had an event the next day that required a dress, I would have been in trouble.

I think I’ll stick to simply shaving my legs, nicks and all.