Business Buying Guide

Influencing Factors for Consumer Purchasing Patterns In Marketing

To understand the buying pattern in marketing, it is very important to relate to the psychology of the consumers. If you cannot analyze the psychology of the customers, then determining the response of the consumers towards and retail sale or discount would be critical. There are certain factors that you would need to keep in mind while understanding the purchase pattern of the customers.

You need to go through and analyze the smallest purchase behavior and then come to a conclusion that why a particular customer looks for sale and
why not look here where the product is expensive yet high in quality.

The purchasing behavior of a customer depends largely on the needs, preferences and tasks of the users who finally
purchase the product / service. Many patterns influence customers ‘ purchasing behavior:

Location of purchase: Many consumers prefer to buy their favorite products by visiting various shops at various places to compare prices and deals. Therefore, for a very long time a customer is not loyal to a single store. A retail store should offer the place a lot of importance, recognize a retailer in the immediate vicinity and also consider the quality of the products and the ready stock availability.

Number of goods to be purchased: It basically involves determining the type of product that the consumer wants to buy and the quantity. This will depend on the following factors such as

  • Customer purchasing capacity
  • Product loss or durability
  • Customer requests
  • Whether the product is abundantly available or there is a lack of product storage.

Retailers should adapt their working hours to the customers ‘ highest available hours, including taking into account
various factors such as weather, seasonal changes and the customer’s location. The level of purchase of the drug
depends largely on:

  • Product type
  • Customer life style
  • Necessity of the product
  • Festivals and Customs or Rituals