How The Video Game World Of Warcraft Changed My Life

Skinny kid with huge bags under his eyes, walking slowly towards his locker, some people would stare at him at school, some would say he is a drug addict, some would think he is crazy. Some would throw opinions my way. However, only I knew what was wrong with me: I was addicted to a video game.

My day consisted of three things: school, dinner with family, and World of Warcraft. There was no room for homework, weekends with friends, parties, and sports. Those things were in the past. The only thing that was important now was a bunch of people online that I considered my friends, and my character in a virtual world.

It was like a drug. I saw my friend playing once at his house, I played for five minutes and was hooked. I bought the game, created a character, and began playing. The more you play the more intoxicating it becomes. You begin doing raids and instances with other players, and the content of the game is so rich that you really do feel as if you were sucked into a different world.

From the beginning I knew I was playing a lot, but I ignored the issues. Sometimes I would play throughout the night and go to school without a single minute of sleep. Other times I would be so focused on the game I would skip meals. The side effects of this unhealthy lifestyle soon began to kick in. Without much sleep, and constantly skipping meals, I quickly began losing weight. A lot of people noticed and asked me questions, but I would just say that they were seeing things. I knew though that I was in fact a lot scrawnier, but as any addict will tell you, you just try to ignore the side effects. My grades slowly turned upside down. My family life turned into a nightmare. My parents were constantly arguing, and getting infuriated due to my poor academic performance. Furthermore, I became distant from them; I did not spend as much time with them as I used to. I felt as if I were a stranger to them.

I began to realize that my life had drastically changed, and that I needed something to stop this bad dream. I knew I had to quit the game, which was my only option to wake up from this nightmare. I had deleted my character before, but inevitable I would return to the game.

Nonetheless, this time I tried something different, not only did I delete my character and uninstall the game, I broke the CD’s that had the game on them. Afterward I sat on my bed and it felt as if I had deleted a part of myself. So much time went into this game that it felt as if it owned a little bit of me. I won’t lie, I cried that night; I cried over a video game. I faded into sleep that night crying, but when I woke up next morning I felt like I was born again. I felt relieved knowing that there was no way back into playing. It was the best morning since I started playing the game. Worlds of Warcraft is a fun and addictive game that is quite popular and is loved world wide. pussy 888 is your guide to learn more about Worlds of Warcraft and other similar games.