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Essential FarmVille Guide for Aspiring Farmers

If you have found this guide, you must already be addicted to Facebook’s FarmVille game. Never fear, help is here! No matter what level you are now, this guide will direct you in leveling up quickly. You will learn how to maximize your time spent on the farm and allow you to either use that spare time doing other things or working harder on your farm.

First things first, if you are a new farmer, save your coins for crops. It’s tempting to buy decorations and buildings, but if you want to level up, this is a bad idea. Use those coins for upgrading your farm (buying more land). Use every square that you can to plow and grow crops. If you are a current farmer and have accessories, compress them into a small corner of your farm to use all the land that you can for growing crops. If you must have decor, animals, trees, etc, ask your friends to send them to you as gifts. One purchase you should make is 8 bales of hay. When you open your farm, note where you land. Enclose that area with the hay bales so that your character doesn’t follow you around while you plow and plant. This wastes precious time. It also helps your friends when they arrive at your farm to fertilize your crops. It keeps them from roaming around your farm. I avoid the farms that don’t have an enclosed area due to the time that it takes to fertilize their crops and feed their chickens.

Next, when choosing what crops to plant, note the time to harvest. If you are available to come back to FarmVille every 4 hours, then plant a 4 hour crop. If you can’t come back until the next day, plant a 12 hour or 1 day crop. You do not want your crops to wither and die. This will waste your coins. Something important also to note is that if you don’t make it back right at 12 hours to harvest, you have extra time. A 12-hour crop must be harvested by 18 hours. A 4-hour crop must be harvested by 6 hours. To figure this out, divide the seed to harvest time in half and add it to the total time. That is how much time you have before your crops die. Plant crops with the shortest time span that you can tend to. Strawberries mature at 4 hours and give you 1 experience point. Each time you plow the square you also get 1 experience point. For each round of strawberries you receive 2 points. If you do this 4 times each day, that’s 8 experience points per square. A 100 square farm would give you 800 experience points per day. Find the most profitable crop that your level allows in the shortest time span from seed to harvest. This is the crop you should use. A lot of people plant raspberries, but there are no experience points gained from raspberries, only from plowing the square. Essentially, you are only gaining 1 experience point per square every 2 hours. This is the same as planting strawberries less one extra visit to your farm. Work smarter, not harder.

Another tip for gaining experience points is helping other farmers. Visit all of your friend’s farms once per day. Rake their leaves, pull their weeds and scare away those pesky foxes, this will grant you 5 experience points, per friend, per day. Then you have the option of fertilizing their crops if they have plowed or planted land. You have the limit of 5 plots to fertilize per friend, per day. Don’t leave their farm too quickly though, if they have a chicken coop it will allow you to feed their chickens for 1 experience point.

Pay attention to the ribbon award section in the bottom right-hand control panel. Strive to achieve those ribbons as you are granted experience points as well as coins! It really adds up quickly, especially when you achieve the blue ribbons.

Once you can afford it, buy farming equipment. This enables you to work four times faster than if you are plowing, planting and harvesting one square at a time. The fuel can be expensive though, so keep an eye on that.

Send gifts everyday to your friends. They will return the favor. Some gifts are useful, such as trees and animals. The others can just take up precious space on your farm that can be used to generate coins. Sell these items and be done with it. No need for clutter on a farm!

Something else I’ve learned in my experience on FarmVille is watching your experience points. If you realize you’re very close to leveling up, plan your crops accordingly. If you are too impatient to wait that 4 hours for those strawberries or blueberries to mature, plant something very cheap, like soybeans. Then delete the square and plow again and plant. This is only recommended if you have the coins to spare as you will not generate income, but you will gain experience points immediately. This is FarmVille instant gratification!

Also, check your newsfeed on Facebook every time you log on. Watch for posts about mystery eggs and posts about other farmers leveling up. You frequently get a bonus by clicking on these. The eggs have yielded many awesome gifts for my farm that usually cost FarmVille dollars!

Once you’ve leveled up and are satisfied with your social status as a farmer, have fun and buy the houses and decorations! It’s all part of the fun and fantasy of FarmVille. More such tips are there on idwinner. You can learn these tips and start improving your Farmville farm. Good luck and happy farming!