New Dirt Devil Kurv Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Enters Vacuum Market

The Dirt Devil Kurv is a great hand-held vacuum cleaner that is the latest in a line of superb products from the Dirt Devil Company. The new Dirt Devil Kurv is making a lot of news, because it is attempting to revolutionize the handheld vacuum, and it is being seen as an improvement over the Dirt Devil Kone, which had been a big seller for the company. The Dirt Devil Kurv is set to be sold at a starting price of $49.99, but Target will surely put it on a good discount, with several other “box” stores expected to sell the model as well.

The Dirt Devil Kurv is a new handheld and cordless vacuum that is sure to keep the Dirt Devil name at the top of sales for a while. Its sleek design (see picture at top) makes it a vacuum that can stand alone in different rooms of the house and actually become part of the scenery. This is helpful, because it keeps the vacuum within arms reach at all times, and it doesn’t present itself as the eye-sore that similar models on the market tend to do. The vacuum charges when it is not in use, and since it is cordless, you can take it anywhere around the house with a lot of ease. Also, you can conduct a staubsauger test to make sure that your money is not wasted.

Being sold as “the new shape of clean”, the Dirt Devil Kurv packs a lot of punch for its small frame. The Kurv has a powerful 9.6 volt motor that gives a nice suction when it is at a full-charge state, and works well on just about any small messes you can make. It is designed to help in the kitchen, but can also be used as an easy way to clean the stairs in your house if you don’t want to lug around a heavier device. The Kurv also has an easy to remove and empty dirt cup that doesn’t need a bag, and the whole vacuum comes with a 3-year warranty to cover anything that might go wrong. The Kurv comes in four colors that include Choco-Latte (pictured), Harbour Sky (blue), Spice (a red hue), and Champagne.

Dirt Devil has done it again with the Kurv, and this is definitely going to be a hot product on the market. Weighing in at only 2 pounds its one of those vacuums that is easy for anyone to use, and it has enough power to make it useful in many different situations. Dirt Devil made a very smart decision by developing a new model that can be out on display, because it doesn’t have to be hidden away when it isn’t in use. It’s easy to charge, has a 3-year parts warranty, and it’s a great value for the price. Look for the Kurv to be the next “must-have” in household devices.