Online Players and Discrimination

Alright, I was playing the Blur Online Multiplayer Beta this week, and I’ve had lots of fun with that game, though I’ve come across some characters that I truly didn’t like. Usually when I play any game online, I’ll find people who may say a few things just to be funny, but then there are those who just come on with the wrong attitude in the first place. Truthfully, anyone who plays any online game that allows voice chat is running the risk of a real confrontation. I played in a group that had these three idiots going at it for at least an hour, if not longer than that, I ended up leaving that group. It was one Black male, and two White males, plus whoever else jumped into the argument briefly. I’m sure anyone reading this can see where this is going.

The three men were throwing racial slurs back and forth constantly. Honestly, I didn’t want to hear that, and the few people that agreed with me who tried to quiet them so we could enjoy the game. I should have just muted them from my system so I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I tried too hard to play the role of peacekeeper. It didn’t work, and I was soon feeling myself get frustrated, so I just left that group altogether. My simple point is that these guys were being stupid and ignorant. Just because you don’t like a few people or have had a few people of another race/nationality there isn’t any reason to place that hatred on the group of people who share the same race/nationality.

Racism or “Discrimination of Origin”, as it would be better called, puts barriers between people, and gives us idiotic reasons to be angry at someone. The world is so full of people, so why is there a need to place hatred on a specific grouping? There truly isn’t a reason, none other the dumb things that we come up with in our own minds, or that we’ve accepted as truth from another person who is undoubtedly wrong.

There was another group in which I played with, these guys were fun, and for a brief moment, another racial comment started up. This one revolved around Mexicans and others of Latin origin. One young Caucasian male said that he hated Mexicans, and that his parents hated them as well. Because there are a lot of people here (in America) illegally who don’t have to pay taxes and receive assistance from the Federal Government. I understand the reasoning, but I don’t agree with it. I can’t hate people of Mexican descent, because there are other illegals, Latin and Non-Latin, that reside in this country, even still that’s not a good enough reason to hate them.

These aren’t issues that should be brought up on any public game, especially when there can be and most likely are young children playing these same games with us. For those of us who are old enough to understand what’s going on, what people are saying, we need to censor ourselves, no matter what our beliefs may be. Lots of people call themselves Adults, but still and think so much like children that it’s hard to believe. Here are the best possible solutions to ridding ourselves of these conflicts, we can either stop playing online, or only play online with our friends. That is, for people who easily get offended, and lose control of their emotions when they play a game. This is a real issue with online gaming community. Yet, there are several games that do not discriminate on the basis of colour or cast. On Kenjungi Situs Ini you can easily play online games without feeling offended or left out.