Social Media

How to use the Power of Social Media in Finding Lost Pets

If you are a pet lover who uses social media sites chances are you’ve seen someone posting about a missing pet. When someone’s beloved pet goes missing they are willing to do just about anything to get it back, including sharing personal information with the world. It’s been proven time and again that social media can help reunite lost pets with their families, and as someone who knows all too well how desperate a person can be to find their pet, I have to wonder if social media could have helped me find my lost pet.

You can also connect with a fresh crowd to help you set up a campaign. Yes, they’re a social marketing agency, but they can run such marketing to tell all about your lost pets. So, more people would know about it and help you.

In June of 2000 my 8-year-old pit bull mix, Rosco went missing from outside the family home. We searched the neighborhood for days looking for him and even visited the animal shelters for weeks after he went missing. Nothing we did help, and to this day we have no idea what happen ed to him.

If you or someone you know loses a pet and decide to turn to social media for help, these are some things you should keep in mind.
Some people will try to take advantage of your situation.

There are several ways people could try to exploit you during your search for your pet. For example, one of my family members lost her little dog and turned to social media to spread the word. Unfortunately, no one has been able to help reunite the two. However, several months after the initial posts were made someone called her claiming to know where her dog was. Naturally, she was very excited and wanted to know more. After a small question and answer session, the caller said she would tell the location of the dog if the owner would pay her $45. The entire thing was a cruel scam that did nothing except cause unneeded pain to someone that was already hurting.

What you can do to help protect yourself?
If you insist on using social media sites to spread the word you need to take some precautions.
If you post a reward, make sure to state it will only be paid after your pet is returned safely.
If you give a phone number using a prepaid cell phone instead of your personal number.
Never pay for information.
Do not give out your address. If someone claims to have your pet meet them in a public place to pick him/her up.

Losing a pet to death is an awful thing, but having a pet get lost and not knowing what happened to him/her is downright horrific. Social media may be exactly what you need to bring your fur-baby home, but you have to be careful. Using these tips can help protect you in the process.