Are Violent Video Games Affecting the Young Generation?

In today’s world many people all around the globe are becoming video game addicts. They play everything of games starting from arcade games to 3D action games, PSP and Xbox 360 platform games. Some of them are very much violent in nature. And they depict lot of blood in the games. So the problem here is these violent video games really changing the younger generation’s mind and affecting their overall behavior. This question is seriously affecting the health of our society. In this regard, games like Bandarqq are considered to be generally safe for playing by children.

But some people who play action violent games do not believe in it. They simply say that it is up to you to decide what kind of game you want to play and so it is totally in your control. And they have some suggestions for the younger generation who wants to play these kind of games.

These suggestions are also very useful for the parents of these kids. The given suggestions are:

1) Every game has its own genre. Some games are family oriented while others are adventurous and action oriented. The people who are playing these kinds of games should understand that games are just the part of the entertainment and they should remain purely as an entertainment media. Any violence depicting in the games are purely made for the entertainment purpose and not meant for the real life implementation. You should enjoy playing the games and after playing it you should totally forget the violent part of the game which is the best for your mind to remain uncluttered from those actions.

2) The parents play the major role in advocating their kids while playing the games. They should follow the rating system provided on the game covers. There are basically three types of ratings available for the video games viz.

a) E (Everyone) – These games can be played by any age groups. These are most of the time drama and family oriented games. Most of the educational, arcade and board games come into this category. The parents can allow their children to play these games as the learning curve from these kinds of game genres is very high. And above all they are the safest and no violence games. Strongly recommended for anyone who want some entertainment. Games like Alladdin, Dave, Tetris, Card games come into this category.

b) T (Teen) – Generally it includes the age group ranging from 13-18.Teen video games basically contain some kind of violence and nudity but not too much. Somewhat matured class of 13-18 group can play these kinds of games as their mind and brain is in the developing stage and their brain can cope up with some kind of violence and nudity. They are much like PG groups of Hollywood movies where with some kind of parental guidance is always recommended. Games like Medal of Honor, MDK, Halo, and Call of Duty 1 come into this kind of category.

c) M ( Mature) – These genres contains explicit scenes of gore, violence, blood and extreme actions depicting blood. Only very mature audience of the age above 18 should play these kinds of games. Games like Call of Cthullu, Silent Hill, Call of Duty 4,Crysis comes into this category where lot of action is involved with full of horror, thriller events are involved which can be dangerous for the young and immature young generation. So parents play an important role here and they should always keep the watch over their child that what kind of games he or she is playing with his or her friends.

So if people playing any genre of games follow the ratings of the games provided then there should not be any kind of societal disturbances. And younger generation will also understand the importance of rating of the games they are playing. Only thing is about the proper education which their parents should provide their children.