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Pokemon Platinum Review: Five Stars!!!

The new Pokemon Platinum Game has got to be the best game from Pokemon yet! Featuring all new characters like Giratina, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin and many more!

Why do I love the game? I love it because it’s not like the previous Pokemon games where you beat the Elite Four and then have to restart the game for lack of events that happen afterward. Beating the Elite Four is just a start to unlocking so many more legendary Pokemon! It also has a Wi-Fi connect feature so that you can trade Pokemon with people all over the world! That’s how I was able to obtain the other two starter Pokemon that I didn’t choose the first time.

There is tons you can do with the Wi-Fi feature besides just trading too! There are Mystery Gifts that can be received to unlock Pokemon like Shaymin, as well as there is a room for trainers to play games over the Wi-Fi connection. You can actually chat with others around the world in the room! For pokemon platinum you can use random wheel generator to enhance your gameplay. It is a really simple online tools that allows you to read pokemon stats and you can even get team recommendations as well.

Overall I would also say that the storyline was very good also. It kept to the movies and episodes well, and the Distortion World was amazing! You could actually walk up the walls I the game and that surprised me! The picture quality was amazing and it really set a higher bar for future Pokemon games! I look back at my Fire Red and Emerald versions and I can’t even play them anymore! I got addicted to the picture quality of Platinum!

Another feature in the game that I loved is the ability to migrate Pokemon from previous games. I didn’t like in Emerald how Fire Red was a totally useless game, but now with the migrate feature I can move Pokemon around and fill up my PokeDex faster! Another great feature would be the underground fossil area in the game. In Emerald you could find one of the two fossils in the desert, but now you can use the Wi-Fi connection to dig for more fossils and revive them! Now you can get all of the ancient Pokemon!

I honestly could go on forever about the game, but I’d say a final fun feature of the game is how much they managed to pack into it and how much they elaborated on everything! Emerald had a Pokemon contest hall where you could perform moves for the judges. In Platinum you can dress up your Pokemon and dance as well as perform for the judges! It’s great! There are also tons more ribbons to get besides just contest winning ribbons. These include a footprint ribbon as well as a ribbon for beating the Elite Four in another region! Even the Battle Frontier was improved! Now there’s a Battle Frontier as well as several Battle Zones on a separate island!

I would give this game five stars because overall it was and still is a spectacular game to have, and I encourage every Pokemon fan to buy it!!