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Video games of all kinds are getting to be a big deal. When you consider that people will camp out overnight at the doorstep of a big box electronics retailer in order to get the latest X-Box or Playstation product, you know that lots of people must be playing them. Elaborate gaming platforms require a commitment for both the platform and the software and you often end up with storage issues for the game discs. If you are like me, sometimes when you are working online or surfing, you just want to take a quick break with some mindless, sometimes whimsical fun in the form of a quick video game. Luckily there are dozens of free online gaming sites that are perfect for this. The best one I have seen is, from the Wrigley company.


The free online gaming sites seem to fall into two types: those that offer simple, two dimensional games or those that offer free demo downloads of larger PC games. The problem with the former is that the games are often too boring, while the problem with the latter is that the demo ends too soon. offers about a hundred games that fall into the categories of sports, arcade, card games, puzzles, or multiplayer games. All of the games play through the Shockwave system, so you would need to download this onto your computer (easy if you have a high speed connection). For the games themselves, you may occasionally need to add an extra plug-in to get them to work, but they are all immediately accessible, without long download times.

Most of my favorite games on Candystand come through the Sports category. “Bullpen Blast” is a vivid baseball game where the challenge is for you to pitch a perfect game against the other team. The way the pitcher is controlled and the batter swings at the pitches is reminiscent of the Playstation I major league baseball games. You aim the pitch in the strike zone by clicking on the area and then execute the pitch by sliding your mouse down and flinging it forward, releasing the right mouse button at the appropriate time. The grandstand and the outfield wall is full of advertisements for Wrigley products such as Extra gum or Life Savers. Whoever designed the game was a fan of good pitching because all of the principles come into play. If you throw two fastballs down the middle, for example, the batter is very likely going to hit the second one and spoil your perfect game.

My next favorite sports game is figure skating. The graphics are as realistic and lively as they show a young girl skater in a sky blue spangled skate outfit glide onto the rink. Your job is to control her movements with the mouse. Several marked points on the ice indicate jump off points for her to leap up into various maneuvers such as a camel, a triple axel, or a toe loop. By flicking the mouse pointer through the points as the girl glides by, you can launch her into twirls and spins with perfect form. If you miss the mark too far one way or the other, she teeters sideways and ends up sitting down (hard) onto the ice, with a disappointed look on her face.

Some of the action games are fairly elaborate and need extra loading time or additional plug-ins, such as GT racing. That is a three dimensional auto racing simulation nearly as good as Gran Turismo. The Field Goal 3D game starts off with panning shots of a football stadium that zoom down to the solitary kicker at the hash marks. It seems to require lots of RAM to run the elaborate graphics well because when I try to play that one, the screen often freezes (and I am hanging on to an older system with less RAM). 3D snowboarding also runs into freeze problems, but if you have a high speed connection and more than 256MB RAM you should be able to play all the games smoothly.

The most whimsical and original games are found in the arcade section. “Jetpack Mission” actually starts out with a scenario of a Gumby style character on a mission to save his sweetheart and he must jetpack around to precarious flat surfaces such as cut watermelon in order to get to her. Another one, Gummi grab, shows a pair of eyes with what look like dentures beneath them opening and closing based on your mouse movements as gummy life savers fall (the more you catch in your mouth, the higher your score). Finally, a wonderful pinball game called “Mixing Factory” shows candy being made as you bang the pinball off of various targets.

Free online gaming sites are there to make money and Wrigley’s is no exception. They are smart about it, however, since many of their games are clever advertisements for their products and they refrain from the excessive banners and pop-ups that plague many other free sites. One area of the site shows gum and life saver products you can buy through a shopping cart. Check out the site sometime when you have a little time on your hands. You should also check out situs judi qq online for more online games. Typically you can play online card games there and you can even money from that. It is really easy to learn and with a little practice you can easily become a master at card games.