Online Learning Games for Babies &Toddlers;

Keeping children entertained while at the same time learning can be a challenge for mothers. When I had my second child I look for alternatives for learning before he started preschool. I wanted to know how I could teach my child the alphabet and numbers before he would be introduce to it in a school environment.

I went out and bought books of all sorts to teach him learning skills. Quickly I found out how short the attention span of infants can be. It was as if I never made it pass letter, “G,” before he was climbing out my lap and searching for something else to entertain him. Books worked best at night before bedtime when all his energy had been dispersed.

Next I tried to make my own flash cards with index cards and markers. This lasted two days after a sippy cup of water splash onto the cards and everything seem to just smear across the cards. I didn’t give up on the flash cards just yet though, I went out to the store and bought flashcards. There were pre-made and I didn’t have to worry about water damage. My child enjoyed the flashcards very much. If he could talk he might say they were tasty.Yes, he ate the flash cards and bent them up every chance he got to touch one.

I was running out of ideas and spending a lot of time at the park and going for walks. I eventually did what most people do, I turned to the search engines on the Internet. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular just ways to entertain my child through out the day. I stumbled on fisher price website under games category and found learning activities on line. My child loved watching the alphabet with animals on the computer. He sat on my lap engaged into the screen and even seem to be following along. He jumped with excitement. This advanced my curiosity to see what else was on line.

I found other websites that were dedicated to teaching children on line. Each website had different learning games for children of all ages. It range from infants to preschoolers. There are sections you can print alphabets, numbers and much more. I had finally found something that my child enjoyed doing while learning.

I recommend using the Internet with your children to learn before they are well off to go to school for themselves. No to mention it is also a great bonding experience with your child. On line learning is fun, enjoyable, and children can’t eat the computer screen. Here is a list of sights to start your child on a great on line learning venture.

These are just three sites to get you started with adventure of learning with your child. Give up the television and spend quality time with your child learning on line. Why wait for someone else to teach your child when you can do it yourself on line? You can visit judi for high level online games. You can play games like poker or blackjack there.