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Dynasty Mattress Ratings and Reviews Astound the Experts

The experts at https://5topratedmattresses.com/best-captains-beds/ have reviewed hundreds of mattresses. Yet, no mattress has perplexed them quite like the Dynasty mattresses. Currently, Dynasty is considered one least expensive memory foam manufacturers on the market. When most of us think ‘discount,’ we automatically assume cheap because, well, that’s how ‘discount’ companies keep their costs low.

It is this common assumption about discount companies that makes the shock of the Dynasty mattress brand so alarming. Most consumers would assume that, because it is cheaper than most of the memory foam mattresses available, that it would also be one of the worst quality foam mattresses on the market. According to the data, however, this simply isn’t the case.


Comfort is what you perceive as comfortable while you are awake. While comfort is important, it is essential that you realize that a bed can be comfortable without being good for your body, no matter even if it is your favourite captains bed. With that in mind, the experts found that the most complaints for Dynasty mattresses came in the form of comfort. Still, around 60% of Dynasty mattress owners said they thought it was comfortable – 40% of them being very satisfied. Around 40% were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the comfort level of the Dynasty mattress.


Support is very different from comfort. Support is what your body appreciates and feels while you are sleeping. Support is what wards off the backaches while you are awake. In the area of support, Dynasty mattress scored well above expected; only 10% of Dynasty mattress owners were neutral, 30% said they were satisfied and a whopping 60% said they were very satisfied with the support they received from their Dynasty mattress. Not even a marginal number of Dynasty mattress complaints when it came to support.

Motion Transfer

If the experts thought that customer reports on support were amazing, they were blown away by the motion transfer data. After looking at the data, 80% of Dynasty mattress owners said they were very satisfied with the motion transfer quality and only 20% said they were simply satisfied. Again, no complaints for motion transfer.


Customer perceived value of the Dynasty mattress was probably the most perplexing data they found. You look at the high number of very satisfied Dynasty mattress owners and then you look at the price of Dynasty mattresses – usually around $600 – you would automatically assume that the value rating was a resounding ‘very satisfied’ but this simply wasn’t the case.

While only 20% of owners were very dissatisfied with the value, it makes you wonder why. Could it be that these mattress owners are unaware of the extremely high cost of most quality memory foam mattress brands? One can only guess. Despite this data, most customers were still very satisfied with the value of their Dynasty mattress – 40%. Around 35% were just simply satisfied and around 15% were neutral on value.

Overall, when looking at the data, it is no surprise that Dynasty mattresses have quickly gained popularity. It is clear that Dynasty has discovered a way to deliver a quality foam mattress at a fair price – so much so that one would wonder how much longer other foam mattress manufacturers will be able to keep up.