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How To Dress For A High-Altitude Training Session

High altitude training has been a difficult task and you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically if you are going through such training. The best way to start out is to prepare yourself mentally. So here are a few tips on how to dress while training for such a purpose especially if you are not in a high-altitude region for that moment.

Prepare yourself for the high altitude

If you are going to spend some time living in a high-altitude region then make sure you have a valid way to prepare. You will be required to wear an oxygen mask and other such equipment to prevent yourself from that feeling awkward at higher altitudes. You cannot dress up completely with heavy clothes but what you can do is to use the facemask and the breathing apparatus to get used to these appliances.

Have additional ones when you re at high altitude

If you are traveling to a high-altitude region from trying to have a spare piece of everything in hand. Anything in the case goes wrong to try to use the additional one in case something goes wrong or something works in the opposite way you have an alternative in hand.

Train with weights or heavy clothes

If you are going through altitude training then it is advisable that you train with weights or at least in heavy clothes. This is because you will have to carry your bag pack at a high altitude as well as you would be asked to wear clothes that have a good amount of weight in itself.

So, if you have been going through this kind of training or planning to go through something of this sort then try to follow these tips so that you can have a better result from your training and perform better in reality.