4 Really Famous Personalities Who Used Cannabis

Marijuana or also termed as Cannabis have a long history associated to their names. Since the dawn of the earliest civilizations, cannabis have found a way into human lifestyle some way or the other. Starting from the legendary Egyptians to modern day Presidents, there are many historic personalities who have been found to use cannabis in their regular lives. Here are top 4 famous individuals who used Bremerton, WA Marijuana Dispensary.

  • William Shakespeare 

probably the most renowned writer of English literature, Shakespeare smoked cannabis regularly. From the pipes that have been found from his homely property, scientists have found traces of marijuana and that establishes the fact that the writer used it frequently.

  • Queen Victoria 

one of the most powerful women personalities in history, Queen Victoria has also been found to smoke marijuana. It is said that here personal physician, Sir J. Russell Reynolds, prescribed her marijuana in order to get rid of menstrual cramps and feel relaxed.

  • John F. Kennedy 

 a really famous and legendary President of the USA, John F. Kennedy, was also a frequent smoker of marijuana. He was recommended to use the drug in order to get relief from his immense back pain which he suffered from.

  • Bob Marley

probably everyone knows who Bob Marley is and that also he was a a regular smoker of marijuana. World famous for his songs on love and peace, Bob Marley was a frequent user of marijuana and has been spotted several times smoking cannabis.

  • Final Words 

cannabis or marijuana, whatever you call them, you will get a really satisfying experience and innumerable health benefits when you start consuming it. Make sure to visit a good consultant and also a reliable shop where you can get good quality cannabis at cost effective price.