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Top 4 Virtual-World Games For Avid Gamers

Online games are based in a fictionalized world of their own called the virtual world. It is a computer-based simulated environment created for the players. The simulated setup allows the players to take on various avatars in order to play the game. Players can move about freely in such an environment via their avatars, participate in its activities like taking up challenges and communicate with other characters.

Top 4 Virtual-World Games

  • Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is based in an open virtual world of San Andreas and fictionalized city of Los Santos. It is available on various platforms like Windows PC, PS 3 and 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It is easy to download and play the game. For example, you only need the gta 5 mods ps3 to play the game on your PlayStation 3. The game can be played in first-person or third-person modes. Its multiplayer mode allows up to 30 players to engage in the game.

  • Job Simulator

This is a VR-only game and is extremely fun to play. Its virtual world requires you to take on four exaggerated and inaccurate job roles in a first-person perspective. It could be an auto mechanic, gourmet chef or even an office clerk. You get to interact with the virtual environment and complete various tasks, albeit involving several antics.

  • Minecraft

Now this classic game offers loads of fun for kids and adults alike. The virtual world randomly generates high mountains, vast seas and thick jungles. It has both offline (single-player) and online (multiplayer) modes. Its survival mode involves a lot of action and creativity, best enjoyed with friends.

  • Second Life

This cross-platform, multiplayer, online game is highly interactive, and allows you to create anything you can imagine. You can even make finely detailed three-dimensional model of yourself in the game and perform various activities.