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Fountain Pens – A Rich And Elegant History

Nowadays, pens mean so much more than just a daily utility. Having a good pen is as important as having a good outfit on. One just does not pick up any pen from the market to suit one’s needs. Lots of businessmen and corporate workers search for months before finding a pen that suits them the best. No matter how much pen one searches through, it is a well established fact globally that fountain pens are the ultimate form of sophistication. But how many out there actually know about the history of the famous fountain pen ?Probably a very few. If a person needs additional information about fountain pens and good choices of fountain pens in the market, one can visit

Fountain Pen – Elegance Meets Simplicity

Many years ago people used the predecessor to the fountain pens in the form of quill and ink. The major disadvantage of this method of writing is that one needs to constantly dip the tip of the quill in ink to write. Remember the harry potter movies ? This method as convenient as it seemed then, became exhaustive after some time because of this ink dipping process. To tackle this a 17th century German inventor by the name of Daniel Schwenter invented a pen with an ink reservoir already installed in the body. This eliminated the need to dip the pen in ink constantly. Nowadays modern fountain pens are so much more than this. Have a look at some fantastic fountain pen collection here

What Makes Fountain Pens Stand Out ?

Now that it is clear why we needed fountain pens. Let us understand what advantage they bring over their predecessors. The very first fountain pen came with a smooth tip along with its own ink reservoir which was probably the biggest selling point. People couldn’t believe that they can write continuously without having to dip the tips constantly in ink. This combined with its sleek design and smooth writing makes fountain pen as the ultimate form of sophistication out there. Everyone should try it at least once in their lives.