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Marijuana Edibles 101- Top Facts You Need To Know

Gone are the days when marijuana was savored just in smokes. While the mindblowing clouds of smoke still remain a favorite yet weed connoisseurs today are also inclining towards marijuana edibles. These delicious edibles promise that same awesome high of the smoke with the added pleasure of fine taste. You must be looking forward to know more about the marijuana edibles? Well, the post below will be able to answer the main questions you may have here.

A sneak peek into  marijuana edibles

As the name says, these are edible goodies that are made from cannabis concentrates or flower. You will find them in various palatable forms and shapes today such as marijuana cakes, chocolates, brownies and so on. And of course, there are THC gummies and CBD mints. The cannabis culinary and winery scene is fast improving and we even have cannabis-infused beverages these days.

How are these made?

It’s to stress here none of the edibles contain raw cannabis as it can’t produce the desired intoxicating effect. Sometimes, the marijuana edibles are made with infused edibles which are developed from cannabis distillate oil. These are readymade goodies which you can use in your cakes or brownies to spice it up with weed flavor.

You can also create marijuana edibles right from scratch. A lot of enthusiastic weed connoisseurs keep DIY cannabis-infused oils and butter in their homes for use in their baked goodies and beverages anytime. These home-made cannabis infused oils and butter are made from dry cannabis flower. To power up your oil and butter with cannabis, you will have to submerge the dry flower into it. Then, you will have to heat up the entire thing slowly to extract cannabinoids from flower. After you are done with the heating, you will strain the mix to remove remaining parts of the plant. Now, you can use the infused oil or butter in any food recipe at 1:1 ratio.