How Can You Recycle Old Basins And Cups Into A Mini Garden?

If you have old basins and cups which you do not wish to throw out but you do not know what can be done with them then here is something that you need to read. Your basin vanity units can be turned into something decorative for your house. Now, you must be wondering what can be done with them, isn’t it? You can simply turn these old basins and cups into a mini garden. Let us see how this can be carried out.

How can you recycle cups and old basins into a mini garden?

Cleaning the basin or cup: well, since these items are old you need to make sure you have cleaned them well so that there is no growth of any bacteria. This could affect the growth of the plant in the bargain. So, you need to be careful and take out all the dirt or any particles that might be accumulated in these items and clean it well. You should wash it at least 2-3 times so that there is no soap left inside.

The various options for recycling:

  • Municipal recycling
  • Preserve recycling
  • Sustainability recycling

Getting creative: so, here we have some ideas that will help you turn the vanity units into something decorative for your garden. You can make the most out of these units. Check out how?

Small plant pots: you can always turn these units into pots which can be decorated just as you want them to be. You need to look out for plants that will survive in such units without needing a lot of water for their survival.

Little organizers: you can use these units for absolutely anything that doesn’t need to be eaten. Once you have decorated it then it is very useful to store your supplies.