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Risks That Can Be Caused By Sleeping With Lenses And Some Caring Tips!

Sleeping by wearing contact lenses might increase the risk of eye infections. It is a risky thing that teens and middle-aged people must avoid. People that accidentally wear the contact lenses while sleeping has greater chances of eye infections and can damage their vision. Through reports of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it has been found that people get severe eye problems by wearing contact lenses while sleeping.

People that have accidentally done it have to struggle with the dried lenses that are stuck into your eyeballs. You might experience decreased vision, water or discharge from your eyes or redness that cause infection into eyes. You can also wear the sclera lenses as these are most suggested by the doctors for the eye problems.

There are many risks that people that sleep with lenses can face which are:-

  1. You might get an infection in eyes which can cause redness in eyes or discharge, which is quite irritating.
  2. You might have blurred or decreased vision the next morning, and your eyes will dry out, and you will feel itching.
  3. The eyes might get red and swollen and might cause pain.
  4. The coloured part of your eye can have the white and yellow spot around it.
  5. The bacteria tend to grow and might damage your vision. It has been found through research that the bacteria tend to eat the cornea, which can lead to blindness.

You must not wear contact lenses for long hours as it might damage your eyes. You need to take care of both your eyes and the contact lenses. Let us know some of the caring tips for contact lenses and eyes both:-

  1. It is advised to wash your hands before handling the contact lenses. Also, be sure that you don’t use any perfume or oil as it can leave a film on your hands.
  2. After washing, clean and dry, your hands will towel.
  3. If you want to wear make-up then better wear it before putting the contact lenses.
  4. Try to use special care products for the lenses and eyes to be safe.
  5. Must not use tap water to clean your lenses and use the distilled water as the tap water might cause infection and hurt your eyes and vision.
  6. Better to wear contact lenses according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  7. If you face trouble, then try to change your lenses and ask the doctor about the problem.
  8. Never sleep with the contact lenses in your eyes as there are higher chances that your eyes or vision might get damaged. Infection can be caused by wearing contact lenses while sleeping.
  9. It is suggested to wear the sunglasses in the sun as the lenses can make your eyes sensitive if you wear them in the sun.

It is better to have knowledge of all the risks of wearing contact lenses while sleeping and also know some of the caring tips that would be helpful.