Top 3 Basketball Game Drills For Kids?

Basketball game drills are crucial to master the sport. Are you new to coaching basketball to kids? Well, drills for kids are slightly different from that of adult players. As a coach, you should focus more on making things fun as well impactful. Basketball is a high-action game and hence excellent for physical fitness. While online games like bandar togel online have their own appeal, a child needs to play outdoor sports as well.

Shooting drill

Players will create 3 lines and stand minimum 2 ft away from basket. You may use both the ends of court as it will allow kids more room for shots. Each player should have a basketball.

Each player will be given turns to shoot the ball with the goal to swish every shot right through net. Swish is significant as here your focus is to teach kids shooting with sufficient arc on shot.

Dribbling drill

Dribbling is undoubtedly one of the most vital skills required from basketball players.

All the players will line up straight on baseline with ball in hand. If there 8+ players, you may have to form 2 lines.

As a coach, you will instruct players to try out multiple dribbling moves to dribble at full court or at half-court line. Follow the checklist below while instructing them about dribble moves:

  • Move right hand upwards while the left hand should be at the back
    •Go for crossovers
    • Take ball behind-the-back
    • Take ball through-the-legs
    • Dribble low
    • Dribble backwards

Passing drill

This drill will help to keep your young players stationary.

Select couple of players who will be defenders. Others will make a 3-point-line.

As the drill starts, defenders will have to run around to steal ball from offensive team. Now, the offensive squad will stay put in its space as well as pass ball among one another to prevent defenders from stealing the ball away.