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Have you heard of iPhone’s Battery Health feature?

Your iPhone battery will slow down over time. A sloth battery is a serious nuisance for smartphone operation and hence must be replaced immediately. But how to know whether your phone battery needs a replacement or not? Well, much to your convenience, Apple has already released its Battery Health feature with the launch of iOS 11.3. iPhones manufactured with or upgraded to iOS11.3 will be able to avail this tool.

The new “Battery Health” feature enables a user to keep check on the health of the phone battery. This way, he knows when to replace the battery to prevent abrupt phone shutdown or other related damages.

How to find the Battery Health feature in your iPhone?

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Battery
  • You will find a special section on Battery Health

As you click on “Battery Health”, it will reveal to you the maximum capacity of the device as well as its peak performance capacity. The tool also reveals whether or not Apple has applied “performance management” or throttling on your phone.

How to understand the health of battery through Battery Health feature? Well, the feature will show you percentage metrics that will enable you to gauge the current condition and need for replacement of the battery. You can check out breakfixnow battery repair guide for more information on iPhone battery replacement.

Let’s check what the different percentage metrics tell about your iPhone battery’s health:

  • 100%– the battery is perfect and presently supports peak performance
  • 95%-your iPhone can shut down anytime since the battery is not in a condition to deliver adequate peak power. Apple will usually implement “Performance Management” at this stage.
  • 79% or less-The battery has badly degraded and needs immediate replacement
  • Unknown– It’s difficult to determine health of your phone battery and you must get it replaced soon.