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3 Best Cord-Free Stick Vacuums For 2019

Cord-free stick vacuum cleaners are a breeze to use. They don’t carry the fuss of cables and naturally don’t limit your coverage. Being easily portable, a cordless vacuum allows users to carry it wherever s/he wants to. Are you too looking for cord-free stick vacuum cleaner this year? Well, the post below offers a brief on the top models you may check this year.

Dyson V8

This vacuum cleaner is an amazing blend of convenience, power and versatility. It delivers around 40-minutes run time and assures 150% more power for brush bar compared to other variations of Dyson stick models. The V8 boasts HEPA filtration facility that captures allergens effectively and leaves you with a clean germ-free indoor environment. The other important features of the model are direct-drive motorhead, mini-motorized tool, soft and convenient roller-cleaner head, dusting brush. V8 has also earned rave reviews for its “dirt-ejector” that enables users to empty its bin only by pulling lever so that they don’t have to get their hands dirty.

Proscenic I9

You have a powerful 4-in-1 vacuum here that carries versatile nozzles to clean up different kinds of areas- including the most hard-to-reach nook & crannies. The proscenic i9 features 3 levels of which the higest one assures a superior 22kPa-grade suction power. Mention must be made of the model’s Intelligent Dust Detection facility that boasts infrared detectors for the most efficient dust detection. The other vital features of the vacuum are multifunctional charging station and removable battery.

Hoover Linx BH50010

Don’t go by its small size- this Linx model assures the same magnificent power one experiences with regular Hoover models. The model owes its fantastic power to its advanced fade-free Li-ion battery. Then, the Linx BH50010 also promises easy controls, smart battery indicator and extreme-recline handle for powerful deep cleaning.