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Exercises To Build Up Your Chest Mass Without Having To Go To The Gym

For most adults, keeping fit through exercise is a difficult task to pursue mainly due to schedule conflicts and availability. If keeping fit isn’t hard enough, specific work out regimens add a whole new dimension of difficulty in working out.

Different workout regimens have been developed to address specific objectives in keeping fit, from reducing belly size to strengthening the core. You can actually get more information at If one of your specific objectives in working out is building up your chest, here are a few great exercises you can do at home to build a massive chest without having to go to the gym.


Regular push-ups

This classic exercise is not only great for your chest muscles, but can also increase the strength of your arm muscles. The exercise procedure is fairly simple. You just have to raise and lower your body by using your arms while maintaining a straight posture. Continuous push-up exercises will eventually increase your upper body strength as well.


Push up varieties

Once you’ve perfected your regular push up exercise, you can take it another level by adding a few modifications in the steps. There is a variety of modified push-ups intended to increase your upper body strength and build up muscle mass on all the muscles involved, such as the pectoral muscles, biceps and triceps. Rotational, inclined, elevated, and one-armed push ups are some of the most common modified push up varieties done.



Planking involves keeping your entire body in an elevated position for a specific period of time with only your forearms acting as a support. This particular exercise does not only build up your chest, it can also build up your abdomen and arms for a more well-rounded workout result.