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Guide For Beginners To A Planted Aquarium

A planted aquarium is kept as a decorative item or for pet-keeping. They contain fish and aquatic plants too. Aquariums may be decorated with sand or gravel, plants, rocks, etc.

How to begin with a planted aquarium?

Starting with a planted aquarium needs to focus on a number of things. You need to get all the necessary equipment’s. First and foremost, get a tank of the preferred height. The light is also very important. Get the correct source of light. Choose a proper substrate. You can also use some types of soil. When it comes to fish, it depends on whether you want large number of fish or small number of fish. You also need to see if you want large fish or fish of small size. The type of aquatic plants you keep also matters a lot. You have a number of options such as Java Moss, Anubias Gold, Java Fern, Crypt Wendtii, etc.

Points you need to keep in mind

  • You have to ensure that the source of sunlight is enough.
  • The substrate must be appropriate as it is important for the growth of plants.
  • Water temperature should be maintained according to plants.
  • Aquarium fertilizer is also important.
  • The carbon dioxide level in the aquarium should also be maintained.

What fish to keep in the aquarium?

The type of fish you will keep in the aquarium will depend on the size of the tank you have. Large tanks can accommodate large size fish but it gets difficult for size tanks. You have to choose between cold water or warm water fish. Different fish survive at different temperatures and that you need to consider. Try to go for those fish which have the same pH level requirements.

So here you have a complete guide as to which plants and fish to choose for your aquarium.