Top 4 Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games For Christmas

Adventure games have always been one of the favorite game categories of fanatic gamers across the globe. As such, it is more exciting and fun to play in an high technology gadget or device such as Xbox 360. It is undeniable that playing adventure games in Xbox 360 is indeed a dream come true for majority of players. Thus, here are some of the top best Xbox 360 adventure games that you should play.


This game stands as one of the best adventure games that you can play in Xbox 360. This came from the series of the dark middle chapter. The game story begins with a bang, as the main character Shepard is brutally killed, only to be rebuilt by Cerberys. As the player, you will be faced with various enemies and you need to surpass all the levels to succeed.


For fanatic players, The Elder scrolls is one of the best adventure games of all time. Like Judi bola, it is one of the most played games by hyped players. In this game, you can explore different levels on your own way, or you can also follow the way of the Dragonborn as you learn to speak the language f dragons.


Another great adventure game that both players and critics highly recommended is the Portal 2. This game has a lot of hilarious new characters with Superb voice acting and several new tricks help guide you at a perfect pace.


If you are looking for a comic based adventure game. Batman: Arkham City is the best deal for you. It has a very interesting story that pulls you in from the time you hear Mark Hamill as the joker.