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Gentle Roof Cleaning Methods – Solving The Confusion Over The Best And Worst

Unwanted organisms like algae, moss, and lichens are the main enemies of every homeowner who wants to protect his roof from and undesirable harm. If not treated properly, these unwanted organisms can cause great damage to your roof. That is why it is a necessity and an imperative to regularly clean your roof to get rid of these organisms. There are several methods that professionals use in cleaning your roof. But in this article, we picked the best three to help you determine what is more suitable for your house.

Low pressure, non-bleach roof cleaning method

If you prefer a method that doesn’t use toxic chemicals and products in cleaning your roof, then this method is ideal for you. Technically, non-bleach roof cleaning method doesn’t utilize phosphates, chlorine-bleach and other chemicals that have the ability to kill vegetation and pollute waterways. Furthermore, this method also utilizes low-pressure rinsing system to avoid the use of damaging high pressure brushing or scrubbing.

High-pressure power washing method

For some homeowners who have experienced using this method already, it is not the best way to get rid of algae. This is because this method provides huge damage to shingles. As such, the high pressure powering method leaves root system behind so there is still a big possibility that algae will come back soon.

Chlorine-bleach roof cleaning method

If you prefer strong chemicals in cleaning your roof to guarantee that every organism damaging your roof will be eradicated, then chlorine bleach roof cleaning method is best for you. siding washing companies or experts usually mix sodium hypochlorite with other chemicals like trisodium phosphate or TSP.

Knowing the prors and cons of each method will allow you to determine which one is best for you.