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How Small Businesses Can Weaponize Social Media Into Success

Social media is a double-bladed sword. You can work it to your advantage. Sometimes it can also backfire rendering you at a loss for words on what went wrong. And this happens because of an algorithm. For example, Facebook is changing its algorithm again. It used to favor businesses for promotion. Now it turns its attention to those posted by friends, and if you are not aware of this, then you might not be preparing your game plan. What’s why whatever worked in 2018 no longer works in 2019. So what can you do to weaponize your social media to your advantage?

Expert Citations

Experts cited things that can help you use social media to promote your small business. They cite the need to ensure that the discipline, creativity, resources, and voice are your tools. When I say voice, it means you have authority in what it is you’re doing. For example, when you are promoting cycling, then you need to be an expert in your field. That way, when people ask you questions, you know what to say. Discipline is the consistency of creating posts even when you don’t have the enthusiasm. Your audience is waiting, so don’t let them down. Now that we have covered the minor points let’s go to the major ones that will make a difference.


Creativity is what you do that makes you stand out. Thus, this is crucial for your branding. When you post pictures via Instagram, you use techniques that will catch attention. The can be through words, graphics, or even filters. And this also applies to other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.


You can’t do it alone. As your workload grows, you need a workforce. You can hire people to handle this while putting aside a budget for the task.


Success credits social media as the source these days. So it is time to improve your focus on how to achieve success by using the tools.