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Gaining Core Strength With PIYO Workout

Accidents can cause lower back pain, and this happens when you slip and hit a portion of your back upon impact. If your core muscles are stable, then injury can be prevented. When they are not, then there is recurring pain. Thus, this also happens with cycling. People who stay in one position for a long time can develop muscle shortening syndrome. It can have serious consequence, especially with the lower back. So pain can happen again and again. A tear in the tissue or ligaments can cause pain in the end.

Thus, introducing PIYO as a workout to heal your body pain. It is a cardiovascular exercise that combines pilates and yoga. With yoga, you are improving flexibility and posture without too much strain on the muscles. It is the same with pilates. The advantage of PIYO above other fitness program is that it is low impact exercise. It involves making fast moves that burn fats.

Losing Weight To Improve Posture

People who are overweight put a lot of stress on their backs. When accidents happen, they tend to injure their backs. That is why it is essential to losing weight. And PIYO can do this for you. By using low impact moves, the body burns fats. The more you lose weight, the more you are safe from injury.

Core Strength

Core strength is vital because it helps protect our backbones. Having core strength can protect you from getting injured in situations involving a fall. Having core strength stabilizes the body and improves posture. PIYO can improve your core fitness by creating exercises or moves that will enhance flexibility and develop muscles in the midsection. Having core muscles will prevent you from pain or injury.


PIYO is not hard to do. You need to do it regularly. For more information, Goole PIYO reviews online to give you more ideas.