Archery has been around for a long time. Initially used as a hunting tool, it eventually found its way into warfare until quite recently where it is now considered as a competitive sport. For a long time, there has been countless manufacturers of bow and arrows for different purposes. In modern competitive archery, one brand stands out among the rest when it comes to making high-quality recurve bows

Martin Archery is a brand well-known in the archery world. For over 65 years, this company has been manufacturing high-quality recurve bows that most archery players consider some of the best. These are the main reasons why Martin Archery bows are arguably the best recurve bows available right now.

Use of cutting-edge technology

Since the very start, Martin Archery bows stood out among the rest because each and every bow they manufactured have been produced using cutting edge technology. Their dedication to provide top-quality recurve bows through the latest in bow technology, such as the inclusion of a single pin bow sight, has made them a name to behold in the archery community.

Countless hours of research and quality testing

Every bow that comes out of any Martin Archery plant is ensured to be top-rated and of high-quality through rigorous quality assurance testing. Couple this with extensive research on bow manufacturing and design and the end-result is a high-performing recurve bow that’s considered to be one of the best.

Use of high-quality materials

All Martin Archery bows are made only of high-quality starting materials. By doing this, the company ensures that each bow made under their name can withstand rigorous use and will stand the test of time. The use of high-quality materials also ensures that each bow manufactured will perform highly regardless of the condition and circumstance.