Guiding and Educating your Children about Vaping

The vape industry has risen since its first introduction in 2017. The popularity of vaping starts to attract minors and teens to smoke or vape. For their minds, vaping is less addictive and harmful instead of smoking cigarettes. Moreover, vapor store advertisements can catch the attention of young adults and teens. Its design and thousands of cartridges or juice to choose from. The vaping device also has an attractive design to catch the attention of every buyer. At the same time, it surprises the parents, healthcare analysts, and school administration. If you are a parent that has kids who use vape device, this is tips that you may apply to talk on your children.

Maintaining Close Dialogue and Conversation

Parents should always guide their children on what they do. Giving them an explanation of how vape can do to their health and their surroundings. While explaining it to them, you should always be honest towards your child. Peers and friends of your kids can also persuade by smoking or vaping. And if your child starts to smoke or vape, ask them why they do it. Thus, this is a way to help them understand instead of punishing them. Tell them that vape can cause major health problems if neglected.

Set a Good Example Towards Your Children

Be a good example for your child. If you smoke cigarettes or vape, the best way to do is to quit. If you don’t want to stop, please remember that you should not smoke around your kids. You can also set a smoke-free home, telling other family members to not smoke in your property or car. And also making sure that your kid’s surroundings should always be smoke or tobacco-free. Always remember that in the eyes of every child, their parents are still right.


For parents, there are other ways to prevent your kids from vaping. The best way to do it by keeping an eye on your kids and always have a conversation to let them know how vape can affect one’s health.