How To Breed A Dragon Nest Without Any Cheats?

In one of the most popular mobile games – Dragon City, dragons are the main heroes in the game. Hence, these amazing creatures play a vital role in all aspects of the game. Consequently, the most interesting part of the game is that players are allowed to breed dragons that will give them the chance and awesome opportunity to produce more fantastic dragons with special features, abilities and looks. As such, one of the most coveted dragons in the game is the dragon nest or nesting dragon. For some players, the easiest way to produce or breed this kind of dragon is to use dragon breeding nest cheat. However, the thrill and essence of the entirety of the game is being compromised when players’ use cheats. Thus, if you are a serious and fanatic player of dragon city, you certainly don’t want to ruin and spoil the excitement of the game so you never consider cheating. But is it possible to breed a dragon nest without any cheats? The truth is, certainly yes. To help you out, this article will go through the necessary details about breeding a dragon nest.

What is nesting dragon?

Nesting dragon is one of the unusual dragons you can see in the game. The nnesting dragon appear to be armed with a pouch in which it holds its little dragonling friends.  With this description, a lot of gamers are thrilled by the question whether these dragonlings also have pouches on them with smaller dragons on it. This adds more excitement and fun in the game.

Obtaining nesting dragon

Technically, the nesting dragon could be gained through collecting 6950 points during different stages of the game. You could also purchase the ensting dragon for 4200 points.

Breeding nesting dragon

Basically, nesting dragon can be bred through the use if any two dragons in either order, that have the fire, earth, plant and cold elements.