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Instagram Trends In 2019 You Need To Watch Out For

Instagram is one social media that isn’t going to phase out anytime soon. In fact, there’s been a rise in the number of people signing up for this site and it isn’t slowing down at all. People are on Instagram for a number of reasons and one of them is to create a page for their business.

Using Instagram for your business isn’t so surprising anymore. Some businesses don’t even set up a website anymore and rely solely on their Instagram page. However, there is a challenge in keeping up to date with the trends so your business doesn’t get left behind. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are some Instagram trends to watch out for this 2019:


Influencers are sort of celebrities in the Instagram world. They’re users who have over a million followers just for posting funny content, informative content, tutorials, reviews and the like. People are drawn to their content and that’s why brands send them products for them to feature.

However, this 2019, Instagram seems to have taken an interest in small time influencers. These are accounts that are big as well but not as big as the usual influencers you see. This is to help these small accounts grow.

Tap into these small-time influencers to feature your brand so your business can get that much needed advertising and hits.


Instagram stories have been so popular lately that stickers are in all the rage. Your brand can also join in on the fun and develop stickers to which everyone can use and download.


You won’t be seeing much spambot accounts in Instagram. The site is into accounts that are more authentic. Don’t fall prey to marketing tools telling you to “click here and download this app” to help you gain likes or followers. Be more authentic and post real and well thought out content.