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How To Center Heat Transfer Vinyl

Doing a shirt project requires both creativity and accuracy. Creativity in a sense that you need to think of an amazing style of design for the shirt and accuracy for the measurement and center alignment of the design using a heat transfer vinyl. As such, design pressing on shirt that you are working on requires 100% accuracy to ensure that the design has been accurately centered. You cannot afford to make mistake when pressing a design on a shirt because any mistake cannot be fixed unless you redo everything you worked on. To help you, this article will provide you the best and accurate ways on the procedure by procedure means to center heat transfer vinyl.

The very first thing that you need to check before pressing a design is to ensure that it is ready and weeded for pressing. After that, take the shirt and have it folded in two. Afterwards, provide the shirt a very light press. Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be pressed with an iron, easy press or hard press. As far as you have a little crease on it, it would be fine. Consequently, locate the main center of the item you worked on then fold it in two or sticky sides, half facing out. Since you have to put inline the shirt and the design. You can use some pieces of the tape heat to hold it in the proper place as you are scooting the design and shirt over to press. Next, the shirt should be pressed and take away the carrier sheet and heat tape. If you want the design to be located or placed in the accurate center of the shirt, just do again the process by folding again the bottom to top and side of the shirt and design. This will allow you to have an exact and accurate center point..

That’s it! You are now able to center heat transfer vinyl. For more information, visit