Tips On How To Improve Your Shooting Skills In Pubg Mobile

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, more popularly known as PUBG, is arguable one of the most popular, and played online multiplayer game currenty available. Even before Fortnite became a powerhouse game, PUBG has already been taking the online gaming community by storm. Some even consider it as Fortnite’s predecessor. It brought the battle royale gameplay to mainstream online gaming, and eventually made its way to mobile gaming territory via the PUBG Mobile.

There have been countless professional tournaments held for PUBG, and has been participated by some of the best shooting game players in the industry. PUBG’s gameplay makes it so that a player has to rely solely on skills in order to win, more so in the mobile version since controls are clunky when relying on the screen alone. However, there are those that try to cheat their way using PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds hacks to gain competitive advantage, which is of course illegal.

If you still want to improve your shooting skills in PUBG mobile, here are some tips you can follow:

Always aim for the head

As much as possible, try practicing aiming at your opponent’s head at all times. A headshot deals the most damage and can sometimes instantly knock down or kill your opponent, depending on what weapon you are using. It’s also a recorded stat in the game which determines your overall ranking.

Mind the recoil

PUBG’s in-game physics, mimics real life mechanics as much as possible. This includes recoils for guns when being used. When shooting opponents, especially when using automated rifles, always keep in mind the recoil it does as it changes your aim upwards. Being able to adjust to your weapon’s recoil will significantly increase your hit rate.

Do not always use your scope

While scopes give a advantage in long-range combat, there will always come a point in the game where you will have to deal with opponents more closely, especially given how the game reduces the playfield’s size as time goes on. In such cases, it might be better to rely on hip fire and not use your scope. It gives you a wider range of view and makes you more mobile.