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Alternative To Rat Poisons That Are Good For The Environment

As a homeowner, you might have experienced many annoyances. These could be overgrown weeds or invasive plants. You’ve seen snakes or termite infestations, but nothing is as dangerous as rodent infestation. And these little creatures are cute and even intelligent. But they use these characteristics to wreak havoc in every home. They eat everything. They also leave feces with harmful diseases. Some even caused fires because rats can chew electrical wires.

You can’t leave food overnight without them eating everything. Rats, as mentioned, are intelligent. They can grow tolerance over time. They can learn their way out of every trap. And they can also attack you when provokes. There have been many products labeled as best rat poisons, and they can combat these pests. But they can cause environmental damage. Some can even find their way to children and poison them. So what can we do?

Green Alternative

Homeowners continue to find waste to combat the infestation. From natural sprays to homemade solutions, and there is a product called Fresh Cab that you can Google. Note that you use these sprays to keep them away, not kill them. Killing them can present many problems like the smell and also the cleanup chore. Another alternative is mint. Did you know that rodents hate the smell of mint? Keeping peppermint around will discourage them. You can dip peppermint in cotton balls and leave them in corners. You can also splice them in an oil diffuser. Thus, this is a positive solution; that’s safe and too uncomplicated.

Other Solutions

If the infestation is too much, then it is time to call your local pest control company. If you think rats are outwitting you then seek professional help.


These solutions are suitable for the environment. They can control your rodent infestation. The natural way is always the safe way to fight pests. Good luck and get your peppermint today!