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Makeup Tips For People Who Are Wearing Glasses

Makeup is one of those things girls can’t sometimes go without. And may it be just another day in the office or going to a gathering, makeup is always a part of the overall attire. So, how about those women who can’t last a minute without their glasses? Sure they can opt for contact lenses if they like, but sometimes their glasses are already a part of their get-up. So, how can you merge a fabulous makeup with your chic glasses?

First Stop – The Eyes

In actuality, wearing glasses will highlight your eyes, so you need more consideration in adding makeup around your eye area. If you have beautiful lashes, it is time to curl them up to give them more emphasis if looking through your glasses. It is also lovely to wear eyeliner over your eyeshadow to make your beautiful eye pop through your glasses. Lastly, it is also preferable to go bolder on your eye makeup, mainly if you use thick glasses since your eyes will be the primary focus once people look at you.

As For The Rest

Since your glasses will always be in contact with your face, especially around the temple region, it is best to use a smudge-proof mascara so that it won’t rub into the lenses if you have long lashes. Since you will e wearing glasses after makeup, there is a chance that your glasses might slip out of your face, so it is essential to readjust and tighten your glasses frequently. Lastly, always disinfect your glasses, especially around the parts that come in contact with your face.


Makeup and glasses should not go against each other, and in fact, they do help each other to achieve that unique look. If you want to know or learn more about how these two works together, you can search for Makeup bril online and surely there will be a lot of videos and tutorials for you to learn.