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How to Prepare Your Pipes, Sinks and Toilet Plumbing for The Winter

Preparing for winter includes making sure your plumbing will be up and running when the cold arrives. It’s important that you cover every inch of your household in checking what needs to be done rather than wait for winter to hit you and experience all these problems.

Below are the things you need to check before winter arrives:


Check under the sink, under the toilet, your pipes, and everywhere else whether you have any leaks or not. This way, you can already fix them before the cold settles in and the water doesn’t freeze up your pipes and be the result of a crack

Disconnect Hoses

No gardening for you while winter is here. Hoses that are left outside may freeze in the cold weather. What’s worse is when you leave it connected, the water remaining from the house may back up and enter your house through the pipes causing it to bust. So make sure to disconnect hoses and keep them stored safely in your own homes. 

Heat Cables

Install heat cables on your pipes. These cables have a thermostat to monitor how cold your pipes can get. When the temperature changes, these heat cables turn the heat on or off so that pipes won’t have to freeze. Heat cables may be purchased at home stores at affordable prices and depends on the length of your pipes.

Turn Off The Water

If in case you’re out of town, it’s advisable to turn off the water. This way, you won’t have to damage your pipes by allowing them to freeze while you’re gone.

Our favorite Royal Oak Plumbing company will kindly assist you with whatever problems you need fixed or if you’re preparing your home for the winter. Just hit them up with a message or a call and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.