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How Can We Extricate Text And Images From A Protected Pdf Document?

A PDF document is called a portable document file format. It is also used for extricating text and images from your portable document files. The central aspect of using a PDF file format is to protect your document from an unwanted user. We can secure the file by creating a password. As a reason, some documents are confidential. By using a PDF editor, you will also examine that how to change tiff to pdf on ricoh.

It is in our hand to protect our document from an unauthorized user, and if we use the best and right PDF editor, then we can protect.  A PDF creator gives you all the necessary feature of security for your document. In the below section, I have mentioned some ways which will help you to extricate text and images from a protected portable document file format such as:

3 ways to extract text and images from a protected portable document file format easily

It is effortless to remove images when the PDF document is created followed as:

  1. The PDF files are created by using an appropriate PDF format. And if you are using a PDF file format, then you can remove image and text conveniently. All you have to do is tap on the area and select the image which you want to delete. Click on delete, and within a couple of seconds, the image will delete.
  2. Same as with extracting text. You need to just select the text which you want to extract from the PDF document. Then wither backspace the text or click on delete option.
  3. Once you have done this, if you want the image and text again, then you can quickly get it back.

In the above section, we have mentioned all the 3 essential ways which help you to extract text and image from a portable document file format.