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Why Rent Movies Online And Not Stream Them For Free

There are millions of movies to watch but just not enough time and certainly not enough money but still you should prefer renting movies over streaming them for free. Here are a few reasons why you should rent movies.

  1. Safety First

There are many free streaming sites like projectftv and many others but is project free tv safe? No exactly. These streaming sites do not take responsibility of the damage that their content may cause to you and your computer, it may contain a virus or Trojan Horses or even steal your private information. If you rent online then you can trust the content and the service provider usually takes full responsibility of the content.

  1. It is legal

Free streaming sites provide pirated content and it is illegal to watch and share them. On the other hand, renting movies is perfectly legal and you are not risking anything as you watch the movie.

  1. You get what you asked for

Free streaming sites sometimes do not serve the content that the user asked for, the user may be exposed to inappropriate content but if such a thing happens to a rented movie, chances of which are very less, then user is given a refund or the right content.

  1. Ethical reasons

The two hours movies that you enjoy have months of hard work and dedication put into them. Actors, Directors, Make-up artists and many more people give their time and effort to the movie. If you stream online for free then it is in a way disrespectful to these people and it affects the movie industry. So, renting movies helps the industry to make more amazing movies and, although by a very tiny fraction, you too play an important role in the industry’s development.