Top Free Apps For Building Gantt Chart On Your Mac

Gantt chart is highly popular in the business world for efficient management of projects. The chart promotes the breakdown of tasks and helps set a clear goal to be achieved within a time frame. This ensures that the members associated with the project have perfect understanding of their work. A visual representation always assists in better communication and that is just what the Gantt chart strives to provide. The good thing is you have Gantt chart maker tools today to help you out. But, with too many such tools available today, it becomes difficult to find out the most suitable one. However, the post below has got you covered in this regard. Stated below are the top free applications you can put to use for building a Gantt chart on your Mac.

  • GanttProject: GanttProject is an easy to use software application that you can download onto your PC absolutely free of cost. You can use it to create as many Gantt charts as required by you. Its uncomplicated and efficient interface makes the process of creating charts much simpler. The software generates PERT charts and baselines which you can change later as per your need. Additionally it also has export and import options which you can use to transfer data from your PC.
  • ProofHub: ProofHub is a downloadable software that you can avail to chalk out the perfect Gantt Chart. Its visual timeline helps you track the progress of your project with ease, thereby meeting all the deadlines. Its drop and drag facility makes assigning jobs to individuals much simpler. Also the software has the ability to highlight important tasks which will make an impression on the overall development of the project.
  • Office Timeline: Office Timeline is a free app that helps you create Gantt charts that stand out. With its smooth and smart interface loaded with useful features, it makes for a very useful app to have. You can use this app to export or import data to PowerPoint and excel as well thereby providing many benefits. However, its best feature remains its speed and accuracy. The app can churn out model Gantt charts for you on the go and with very little effort. To know more about the many advantages of Office timeline visit