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Top 4 Things To Mind Before Going For Laser Hair Removal

Are you all set to book your first appointment for laser hair removal? That’s great as the laser process seems to be more effective compared to other hair removal methods around. But, before you book the appointment, here are some things to keep in mind.

It’s not suitable for all

Yes, the harsh truth is the laser hair removal treatment won’t be suitable for all. It won’t be suitable if-

  • you have polycystic ovary
  • you are under antibiotics
  • you are taking medicines that may cause photosensitivity

The keyword is “reduction”

A person may expect sky-high results from laser hair removal, just the way she expects a lot from her blow-dryer. It’s to note here, the laser process does not produce permanent removal of hair. But it actually reduces hair growth to a great extent and relieves you from shaving and waxing needs. It means, after you complete your entire laser removal treatment- you won’t have to waste time and money on any hair removal procedure.

It will take time

Laser hair removal is a long-drawn procedure. You cannot expect an overnight result with the laser process. It will take minimum 7 sessions to complete a treatment- depending on your hair type. However, the individual sessions are not exactly time-consuming. A full face session may take something like 20 minutes. If you do it on upper lip, you will be done in minutes. Besides, there should be a gap of minimum 6 weeks in between each treatment session.

Avoid sun

You must avoid sun or tanning minimum 6 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. If you have a beach holiday coming up soon, it’s better you book the treatment after 6 weeks post your vacation. Tanning should be avoided for 7 days straight after your session.