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Everything About Travel Adapters And Its Usage

Nowadays, pretty much everything we use daily is run by electricity. From mobile phones to refrigerators to even some cars, voltage is their primary source of power. For those who travel a lot, it is essential that we can easily plug into any outlet no matter where we are. However, it is not that easy to do since most countries use a particular socket type, which is sometimes a hassle if we don’t have a travel adapter on hand. Anyways, Here are pretty much everything you need to know about these nifty attachments.

Do I Need One When Going To Other Countries?

It is not necessary to have a travel adapter all the time, because it still depends on what country you wish to visit. Some counties, like the US and Canada, as well as Japan and the Philippines, use Type A and B sockets, whereas most of Europe and Africa use either Type C, E and F outlets. Do some research first on the country you wish to visit and know their respective electrical socket type to pick the right adapter for the job.

Where Can I Buy A Travel Adapter?

Most electrical supply shops, department stores, and travel shops sell travel adapters. For those who are still not yet sure where to buy it, go online like eBay or Amazon, and surely there are a lot of them to choose from there. Travel Adapters are also sold in some airports, especially on departure lounges, although they can be expensive if you buy them there.


In case you wish to travel to Europe and is not sure of what kind of socket is used in that particular European country, you can research it online. You can key in “European adapter plugs” and surely it can give you the kinds of plugs used in Europe and its respective country.

Travels adapters are an essential attachment that you always need to bring along whenever you travel. Thus, this is to save you from the hassle of not able to charge your electronics, as well as spending more money on expensive ones sold there.