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The Ultimate Guide To More Twitter Traffic

With over 330 million users worldwide, the bird of Twitter does more than just tweet. It is micro-blogging at its best. For our modern attention-deficit world, Twitter is the ideal platform for broadcasting or receiving. The modern internet-savvy users are now weary of advertisements on the television. They prefer something which is faster, less intrusive and can be watched or shut at will. And Twitter is exactly that.

However, getting the visibility you want is not as easy as joining Twitter. Getting relevant and targeted followers is a struggle which can often lead to disappointment.

If you as a business want to attract more targeted audience, you need more than enabling the “auto-follow: feature. Discover here, the secret of increasing quality traffic that will actually buy your product.

Following are a few tips that can kick start your effort to increase followers:

  1. Work on optimization of your profile

You only have 3 things to focus on: your profile photo, your username and your bio. To come up high in relevant search results, make sure your username contains a word or two about your industry.

  1. Find similar brands on Twitter

Find competitors and other brands like yours on Twitter and keep up with their activities. You can use the search bar at which helps you find tweets containing certain keywords. Find your competitors and follow people who follow them. Their followers would contain potential buyers or simply people with interest in your field. Follow them and start networking!

Chances are these people will eventually follow you back, if and when they do, make sure you thank them! Its good manners and it can be the start of a conversation. Personally engaging in conversations leads to more people sharing your content. Build relationships, it’s important to be more than just a faceless corporation. You can leverage these relationships when the time is right to have a sales conversation.

  1. Deliver quality content

Quality content is what is re-tweeted. And nothing is more important in getting traffic to your page than content. Research your niche; find out what your followers like to hear and post accordingly. Self- promotion is imperative, but if done repeatedly, it just leads to losing quality followers. Some other things to make note of are: usage of images, hash tags and the length of the tweet. An appealing tweet with a quick, short message goes a long way.

  1. Consistency

Regularly tweeting helpful and relevant content is important. It is possible to be promotional as well as interesting at the same time. Be consistent and regular with your posts and make sure the same message is tweeted from time to time. Research shows that only 10% of your followers see your tweet. Thus, to expand the spread of your message or advertisement, it is essential to repost the message from time to time to reach all of your audience.

Still confused about ways to increase the Twitter traffic for your product? Discover here- the easiest methods to gain targeted followers.