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Making Your User Manuals More Searchable On The Web

Let’s suppose Jane tries to look for an excellent instructional manual on how to operate her drone. So she searches the web for a user manual because she lost her own, that came with the package. After looking for a few links, she found what she’s looking for. The manual proved easy to understand. She tells Joyce about it, and soon, Joyce is telling her other friends about the instructions. Most likely, those friends will buy a drone coming from the same brand because of the easy-to-search manual.

User Manuals’ Searchability

Let’s say you have already created a bosch 11316evs user manual that’s understandable to your target market. The instructions are necessary so that users will not find it hard to grasp what you are trying to tell them. So you are proud of it, and you are ready to share it to the world. The first thing is that you need to convert that manual into a PDF file. After creating that file, you need to upload it to your site which is easy to locate. It has to contain the following:

  • The file name is essential. Did you choose it carefully making sure that the document title is clear and it meets the demands of the user? The name of the file has to contain the keywords.
  • Use text-based PDF; that way it will be easy for Google to ‘read’ and optimize.
  • Keep it structured and organize. No one wants to read a manual that looks like a jumble of laundry. Keep it as classified as possible. Thus, this will make it enjoyable to download.
  • File size should be small. People on the rely on a data connection. The bigger your file, the more it becomes a hassle. It will also make better SEO.


Once you apply the steps in making sure you know how to make your user manuals more searchable, then it’s a success.