Some Of The Online Games For Increasing One’s IQ And Mental Power

Online games can be found in huge numbers these days and some they are good while some say may not be that good for one’s physical and mental health. However one cannot ignore the fact that there are several games that are found online either through the website or through android or ios applications which are highly effective in increasing one’s brain power. One can play either simulation games, puzzles or any kind of online skill games like PokerQQ. These games can check ones sharpness, memory power, and once cognitive intelligence. Playing these games daily for even a shorter time period can enhance various brain skills. Some of such famous brain training games are mentioned below.

Popular online brain-enhancing games

  • Sharp brains: there is a cluster of brain teaser games and they can enhance ones logical and memory skills.
  • BrainBashers: this is a series of puzzles, riddles and various other games which can help one build their brains power.
  • Braingle: equipped with thousands of brain teasers and mind-boggling games, these can help one sharpen their brains senses and grasping power. Also, these games help in boosting one’s memory.
  • Mindmeister: this is an online game that requires one to brainstorm various ideas in a way that they can think innovatively. This helps a lot in mind mapping.
  • Brainbox: if one is a fan of crosswords and puzzles then this game is a great way to start exercising one’s memory and vocabulary prowess.
  • Brain teasers system: build brain capabilities effectively with these difficult set of games as they include various puzzles and games which will require sharpness and attentiveness at all times.
  • Brain matrix: this game is very popular for enhancing one’s reflexes and concentration power with a chain of different types of brain teasers.