Ways To Secure Your Online Gaming Account

You thought that only social media accounts can be hacked think again, even our gaming accounts can easily be intruded by hackers. Nowadays, online gaming industry is a lucrative form of business in a way that players can either do live streaming while playing video games or having their own channel in Youtube and just upload videos of them playing. Because of its rapid expansion it has been a target of hackers for hacking and those accounts would cost about hundred dollars that’s why we should be aware of this kind of activities and make a move to prevent the accounts from being hacked. Here are some tips to secure your online gaming accounts.

  1. Malware

It may be the oldest method but it is still a coexisting activity to hack someone’s account. If a malware virus/ threat gets through your account it will be easier to steal your credentials and the worst part is once the hackers have gained access they can change your password that will result to being unable to use your account. To prevent from this situation to happen always have a solid anti-malware installed in your computer and smart phones.

  1. Password Cracking

When signing up to make your own account, certain websites will always suggest to create a complicated or strong password so that it won’t easily be hacked. Having weak passwords will be easily cracked, hackers have so much ways to this kind of illegal actions; they call this method as the Brute force which is programmed to give extensive list of passwords. It does take time when it comes to this form of method but like I said earlier if your password is weak then there’s a possibility that it can be easily hacked.

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